Arratzu General Information

  • Population: 391 inhabitants.
  • Area: 9.86 km2.
  • Autonomous Region: Basque Country.
  • Historical Territory: Biscay.
  • District: Gernika-Bermeo.

Physical Environment

The anteiglesia (parish) of Arratzu belongs to the merindad of Busturia and is located to the northeast of the villa (town) of Gernika, to whose jurisdiction is belongs.

It occupies a hilly area with deep valleys on the roads from Gernika to both Markina and Nabarniz, the first along the River Golako and the second along the Urukulu; these rivers meet on the Uarka-Barrutia meadow before flowing into the Oka River (also known as the Ría de Mundaka).

It borders Kortezubi to the north, Nabarniz to the east, Mendata to the south, and Ajangiz and Gernika-Lumo to the west.

Get to Arratzu on the BI-2224 road from Gernika-Ibartxu; on the BI-3242 from Nabarniz, and the BI-638 from Kortezubi to Barrutia.

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