Cultural heritage


It is worth highlighting the Zabala-Belendiz group, -around the Chapel of San Pelayo and the group around the Lorentene farmhouse- buildings, holm oak, etc. It is also worth mentioning the farmhouses of Telletxeondo, Zubiate, Elezpeiti-Goikoa, Goikoetxe, Zabalerdi, Pinaga, Intxaurandi, the chapels of San Pedro, Santamañe, San Lorenzo, San Pelayo, San Emeterio and San Celedonio and the mansion houses of Loiola and Elexalde.

Although many of these do not have great artistic value in terms of architectural history, since they are not outstanding elements of Romanesque, Gothic, etc., they nonetheless have historical-artistic significance, since their history and origin are marks in the life of a district; their most important legacy are their relationships, which, when examined, are milestones that are indispensible for understanding any urban history.